Monday, July 26, 2010

The Week Away

Me and [a friend] went to this cabin type place for a girls' week away. And somehow I ended up the "lucky" one chosen to complete a series of life threatening challenges. If I gave up my whole family would be murdered. This meant anyone who was related to me, or anyone I consider family. If I died then the power that be would consider my life an even trade for my family's lives. If I completed every task I could go home a free person, no strings attached. I got my "orders" from a guy about my age. He would flicker into my dream kind of like Edward did in New Moon (first one I thought of). He would give the instructions for each task as I encountered it, and disappear. Then he would return when I completed each task. In the end Jenn and I packed up, and we got to go home. The whole time we were there at that place, it was dark, gloomy and rainy. What a strange, scary, awesome dream!

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