Works In Progress

(Work In Progress)

1. Looming Love Book 1:
Sam and Zara were best friends. Through the course of their entangled lives they each had their share of good times, bad times, lovers and one night stands, but no one person lasted any substantial amount of time with either of them.  Sam and Zara’d been there for each other through it all.  They’d even comfortably crossed the most intimate of lines, when they weren’t entertaining the thought of someone else.  However, nothing was solid between them expect friendship. Follow through the eyes of Zara as she accounts for one of the most cherished experiences of her life, shared with the one man she was most scared to love.  

2. Looming Love Book 2:

3.Father's Ty :

     Phillip Dumont is the mayor of Minden, Nebraska and father to eighteen year old, Jodie. This is Jodie's last summer in the small town before she goes off to college.
     For the mean time, Jodie works at the local bakery passing time, earning a little money and doing what she has grown to love. The morning of Father's Day, Tyler strolls in the door. Not only would he be pick up an order of bread for his mother, but he would take Jodie's heart, leaving his own with her.
     One secret remains about Tyler neither of them are aware of. A secret kept between Jodie's father and Tyler's mother. One conversation, one night will flip their world, as they know it, upside down. Will time allow pain to subside and wounds to heal? Will they overcome what could have been or will the past separate them forever?

4. I'm Done :

5. Always :

and I have three stories that are untitled, to say the least.