Saturday, October 29, 2011

Would I Kiss You?

"Would I Kiss You?"
©2011 Mika Star

I would kiss you as the heavens kiss the sky and hell's fire licks at the temptation that fuels my desire for you. Lust would only be the beginning of what I would convey, should my lips ever touch yours. 

Kiss you? I would like nothing more than for my lips to be the source of warming your skin, for you heart to beat in time with mine ignoring, the echoes of our pasts. 

No promises made or broken, only you and I wrapped in a moment of sweet uncertainty, hoping that one kiss might lead to the next.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lone Tree

"Lone Tree"
©2011 Mika Star
The blue sky soon becomes blanketed by rolling purple clouds as the glow of the evening sun gives a rosy pink hue to each it touches.

A lone tree appears black against the array of colors as it stretches into the sky tall and proud regardless of already being baron of most of its foliage.

If one is quick and quiet to observe there are two birds nestling in the crook of a large branch.

Perhaps, I was wrong in assuming the tree stands alone for even now there are three hearts mingled within these hours of time and space.

Breaking Through

"Breaking Through"
©2011 Mika Star
The once dank ebony forest stirs with life as the long awaited sun's rays filter through the leaves of trees making their way to the floor. From the underbrush come families of mice and rabbits; ants scurry about looking to replenish the food supply for their colonies after being stuck underground for the past three weeks of steady rain.

In the distance song birds can be heard, faint sounds that grow to fill the air. A soft breeze weaves its way into a badger den while mingling with budding flowers.

It seems sunshine can break through even the darkest of places, be it allowed.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Comet Amongst the Stars

"Comet Amongst the Stars"
©2011 Mika Star
An old friend once told me "You owe it to yourself to become a comet amongst the stars." I found it to be an odd statement at first since everyone always told me to "Reach for the stars."

After a long pause he continued, "I don't discredit those who find their stars and hold onto them for dear life, but is it not true that the sighting of a comet is much more rare than the stars we see over head each night? A rare, beautiful stream of light barreling across the sky, past the stars, reaching for the unknown."