Monday, September 26, 2011

Just Around the Bend

Today's photo and snippet...

"Just Around the Bend"
©2011 Mika Star

"Freedom waits just around the bend," he thought. With anxiety nipping at his heels he couldn't turn the corner fast enough for his liking. He knew once the wheels of his black Shelby hit the other side of the curve that would be it. The town would be out of sight and so would he.

Glancing back and forth, his eyes were glued to his rear view mirror almost as much as to the road in front of him.

No one saw him leave; at least it didn't appear so. He had left quietly hoping he wouldn't stir any suspicions.

A flow of calm washed over him as he concentrated on the amber light being painted over the asphalt and its surrounding. The crisp sunlight shown over the green summer leaves of the trees he grew up climbing in. His foot didn't ease up much on the gas pedal but his heart stopped thumping in his ears quite so hard as his pulse returned to normal--back to what it had been before he impulsively throw everything he owned, or thought he might need to start a new life elsewhere, onto the leather bench seat behind him.

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