Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Excerpts from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Renee (Bella's Mom): The way he watches you, it's like he is willing to leap in front of you and take a bullet or something.

Bella: Is that a bad thing?

Renee (Bella's Mom): It's an intense thing.
Renee (Bella's Mom): You're different with him.
Renee (Bella's Mom): He moves, You move.
Renee (Bella's Mom): Like magnets.

Bella: I don't know, we're just...

Renee (Bella's Mom):  In love. I get it.

Jacob- When you thought she was gone,
Jacob- that you had lost her,
Jacob-  how did you cope?

Edward: There are no words. But I wouldn't wish it on anyone, Jacob.

 Bella: This wasn't a choice between you and Jacob.
 Bella: It was between who I should be and who I am.
 Bella: I've always felt out of step, like literally stumbling through my life.
 Bella: I've never felt normal.
 Bella: Because I'm not normal.
 Bella: I don't want to be.
 Bella: I've had to face death and loss and pain
 Bella: in your would, but I have also never felt stronger
 Bella: more real, more myself.
 Bella: Because it's my world, too.
 Bella: It's where I belong.

Edward: So it's not just about me?

 Bella: No. Sorry.

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