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Looming Love: Through the Eyes of Zara Camden

The steamy photo was found and provide by Jade Baiser. In turn, the photo along with what she originally wrote to go with it has become the source of my inspiration for this first installment of  this story.

 Looming Love: Part 1
©2011 Mika Star

I knew Sam was the kind of guy that insisted on taking a shower before climbing into bed at night. I also knew he and his shower had an equally important meeting every morning at 5:30 whether he need be in the office or not.

Last night, as we talked on the phone, he mentioned he would be off of work today. Well, I also happened to have a key to his apartment for occasions when he 'misplaced' his own key.

We have been friends since the day he moved into the Charington apartment complex five years ago September 18th. I know what you are thinking: she must have it bad for this guy if she remembers the exact day he moved into the apartment down the hall. I remember that day simply because he moved in only a week after I moved to this town. I knew no one at all at that point.


The night we met there was a knock at my door. My first thought, as I rolled my eyes, someone had the wrong apartment number again. It happened several times since I was handed the pair of keys to my apartment. My very own apartment... I opened the door prepared to give the speech I had become accustom to already. I will never forget that goofy grin on his face when I asked him who his was looking for. "Actually, I was looking for you." he continued to smile as I fumbled for what else to say. "Oh, really,'' was all I could think of. Until then no one seemed to have noticed my existence. I didn't really mind, I was used to being alone, and on my own to do as I pleased. I liked it that way...most of the time.

Here was a man, standing at my door, looking for ME. His straight sandy brown hair hung down to his shoulders, and slightly in his face. He brushed it away with a noticeably scared forefinger revealing eyes that burned electric green. A leafy green vine tattoo stretched down his left arm from somewhere underneath a loose fitting, black AC/DC t-shirt. I had to fight the urge to reach and touch his arm. His warm skin and soft hairs...Every inch of my being wanted to find out where the tattoo ended. He waved a hand in front of my face  "Earth cadet." I realized I had been staring.

"Oh, I'm sorry." My face warmed; I hoped the shadowing of the doorway hid the shade of red I'm sure was visible on my face. He let the moment pass, by holding out his hand, adding "Maybe one day I'll tell you the story behind that beauty." He looked down at his arm pointing with his eyes. Oh my God, those eyes! "For now let's go. I'm walking down to Ben's to get some coffee. It would be great not to go alone."

Was he hitting on me, or was he just in need of a friend? As much as my heart wanted me to dive into those arms to find out where things would lead...for the hell of it... The reasoning part of my brain reminded me of why I moved here in the first place.

I retracted the hand I was about to give him making an excuse. "Sure, I'll go with you, but first let me grab a hair band to put my hair up with. I'll be right back." I closed the door making him wait outside.

I rushed to the bathroom. I threw my hair up and stood at the mirror long enough to ask myself  "What the hell am I doing!?"

I grabbed my keys from the glass table next to the door, slipped on a pair of flip-flops, scanned the room of unpacked boxes, and headed out the door almost running into him. He had been waiting patiently for me in the same spot I left him leaning against the door frame.

We walked to the cafe in silence, for what seemed to be forever. I took in the warmth and smells of the town. Until then I had not noticed the intoxicating smells of coffee and fresh bread coming from the cafe and nearby bakery.

The friendly man next to me smelled of Old Spice and shaving cream. It was only then it occurred to me I don't even know his name.

He opened the door of the cafe for me. Walking in the door he shouted to a petite redhead behind the counter "Two of tonight's finest, Angie." The woman had a look of surprise on her face that curled into a prefect white smile.

I walked over to a table ready to sit down when he caught my arm saying "No, there is somewhere else we will be sitting."  Two foam coffee cups in hand he pushed the door open for me again holding it open with his elbow.

We made small talk as he lead the way back to the steps of our apartment building. "This is what you had in mind, huh?" teasing him. "Ah well, I figured it would be quieter than the cafe and if you decide to take leave of me,  you won't have far to go. I would hate for a woman who does not even know my name to feel uncomfortable in her surroundings." I was astounded he had that kind of consideration for my feelings. I managed a "Thank you." There was a thick pause in the air. Doing my best to hide the embarrassment in my voice I asked "Who, may I ask, have I had the pleasure of  spending time with tonight?" I looked him straight in the face, letting out a small laugh. "My name is Samuel Loumas." holding out his hand for the second time that night. I took it, shaking his hand. "I'm Zara Camdon. Nice to meet you." 


I let myself in Sam's door. It was 5:45. I knew he would be walking out of his bathroom soon. I was hoping he would not already be dressed.  I crept into his bedroom. It was always so neat and clean except for the clothes he, no doubt had stripped out of last night before his shower. Oh, the thought of the water running down his lean, beautifully curved body sent blood rushing to all the right places. My lips tingled at memories of touching his skin.

I quickly, quietly undressed, sitting cross-legged in the center of his only sightly unmade, queen size bed. I heard the water of the shower turn off, knowing he had shaved while in the shower, there was not much time left before he would wrap himself in towel and grace me with his presence.

He switched off the vent and opened the door. He was startled only for a moment; then took his time giving me a once over. He looked straight into my chocolate brown eyes. He let his towel fall to his feet on the floor. He dipped onto the bed. Those hungry green eyes burning into me with the rising passion in the air... My heart thumped in my chest and my pulse began to race. No words were said.

Now, entirely on his hands and knees -- the closer he got to my lips the more I sensed the heat already radiating from him. I slumped down slightly onto the pillows. He kissed me. Our tongues tangled together almost immediately  in a fit of rage, rolling with ease around the familiar crevasses of each others' mouths. I felt him lick my palette as his tongue exited my mouth. I playfully bit his bottom lip. He kissed the tip of my nose. I sat up straighter back into the Indian style position I had been in moments ago, in attempt to not allow his lips to leave my skin. I  whimpered softly. With one solid sweeping motion he buried a finger into clit a few quick thrusts of his hand later he had added another finger. I fell against the bed, beginning to moan. Careful not to interrupt the movements of his hand I unfolded my legs. He hovered over me. Kissed my lips again and traced his mouth to each of my breasts. Each one of my hard nipples were waiting to be sucked on. Just as he circled one with his the tip of his tongue I groaned and came just enough to stay wet-- slick for the entry of his hard cock that craved attention.

At that moment I roll Sam to his back; his cock standing attention just for me. Wrapping my hand around the base of his throbbing manhood I licked slowly up the shaft and around the head dabbing the tip of my tongue in the pre-cum that awaited tasting. I licked back down to the base of his cock, massaging his balls until they became taught in my hand.

It took every muscle in my body to keep from coming at the moment I slid his steel inside of me skin to skin. I rocked my hips back and forth. Bending down to kiss his nipples-- solid under the weight of my tongue and saliva. I traced wet kisses as far down his chest to his stomach I could reach without breaking my soft thrusting motion. The smell of his skin and the Old Spice he wore invade my sense of smell. I dug my nails into his flesh as he gripped my hips.

With a few hard, quick thrusts he filled me with his juices as mine dripped onto his balls. Both of us let out a pent up scream of satisfaction. I dismounted laying in the crook of his left arm for a few moments. He looked at me, grinning, green eyes shining, "Good Morning." I kissed him lightly before getting up to go to the bathroom...."Good morning."

To be continued...

UPDATE: I have pulled the rest of this story off of my blog for publishing. I'll update you as soon as I know when the release date will be for the book.


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