Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mika Star Quotes

"Giving to the moon's sway, the alabaster sky faded into an amber horizon as the sun made its last attempt to light the earth on this day."  ~Mika Star
  "Here's to the nights that turn into mornings, the friends that turn into family, the dreams that turn into reality and the likes that turn into love."~ Mika Star
''The autumn sun kisses the sky good night before the moon takes its place among the stars.'' ~Mika Star
"I do agree it is possible we all have more then one soulmate. However, on a different level soulmates are not limited to that of intimate sexual relationships and all that goes with them, but friends for the sake of friendship can be soulmates. Regardless of the way you look at it, soulmates do exist." ~Mika Star

"True passion cannot exist where lust solely resides." Mika Star 
"And the smoke stretched across the sky darkening the once proud rays of light, seemingly shortening sunset to mere minutes." Mika Star

"As long as there is a sunset- as long as it still takes my breath away-there you will be at the heart of some of my fondest memories."  Mika Star

"I remember the feeling of invincible love. Knowing you could walk through fire together - only to have that love swept into the flames - to walk out the other side alone and broken. So as it is and as it shall be, I leave the invincible love to the writers of fiction, to the few and the lucky. For I may be among the first, but it’s been proven I am not among the latter." ~Mika Star

 "She may be a universal flirt, when times present themselves. She's loved many a soul but the men she's intimately loved can be counted on less than one hand, none having given cause for complete regret -each one touching her life in ways that can never be undone. One to which still holds her steadfast, making her pulse race. The only man who has the ability to make her heart pound by whispering a single word and the only man in which has equal power to crease its function with another."~Mika Star

 "For me, picking a favorite song, is like trying to pick a favorite memory. There are too many of equal value." ~Mika Star

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